Remarul 16 Februarie signed a contract with Bombardier for manufacturing AGC trains in Romania


Remarul 16 Februarie, company specialising in rolling stock repair and modernisation, announced the conclusion of a contract with Bombardier Transportation for purchase of license for manufacturing large capacity trains (AGC) in Cluj, for domestic passenger transport. A press release informs that this agreement includes several successive phases. “Assimilating the AGC series in Romania means significantly reducing the technological gap between our country and Western Europe, as well as raising the comfort standard of passengers to a European competitive level. We wish to underline the fact that there have been 600 such trains operating in France only over the last 5 years”, shows the press release. These trains can accommodate 160-220 people on seats and the maximum operating speed is 160 km/h.
“Manufacturing the train in Romania will positively influence the rolling stock industry as we will try to integrate the production of this train in our country in the best possible way by using spare parts and materials manufactured in Romania, which will create new jobs and last but not least, new generation technology”, shows the official press release.
The contract will include several successive phases. For the first phase of the contract,  Remarul 16 Februarie will have to pay EUR 1 Million.
Under the contract, Remarul will exclusively manufacture and sell this multiple-units in six countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia.
“For the moment, we don’t have a clear contract for selling the multiple-units manufactured under Bombardier license. We will start working from tomorrow. We will begin with approaching the potential customers. This doesn’t mean we haven’t discussed with anybody yet, but the market we are operating on is specific, it is not an industry where you can open showrooms and expect customers. First of all, we should identify customers. We haven’t yet considered the opening of a subsidiary in the five countries where we want to sell our products”, said Adrian Timar, General Manager Remarul 16 Februarie.