Railway Galas 2011 rewards the rail business initiative


Tibbett Logistics has launched a terminal in Bucharest where activities will be initiated starting with January 2012 for delivering freight transport services between Bucharest and Constanţa in Romania and for helping boost the freight volume to Germany, Italy and Austria in Europe. In 2012, 9 shipments a week will leave this terminal to the above-mentioned destinations. “The location of the terminal is very important and we believe this is the best position of a terminal in the south of Romania, providing traffic both nationally and internationally”, declared David Goldsborough, CEO of Tibbett Logistics. The intermodal terminal (road-railway) begins its operations with 12,000 square meters of platform and 2.5 km of railways plus an adjacent deposit of 6,500 square meters connected to the railways right in the centre of the terminal.
The promotion of intermodal transport by investing EUR 6.4 Million represented the reason why Tibbett Logistics was selected as winner of the award “Business Initiative” during the 6th edition of the Railway Galas event, organised on December 8 by Club Feroviar.
Railway Galas, already a brand in the field, represents an opportunity to reward the companies and the people who made their best to develop this efficient means of transport, but also the acknowledgement of the different activities and performances undergone in the railway business area and in promoting rail transport.
The companies Astra Vagoane Călători and Siemens have received the award for “Industrial Activity” for developing in Romania the Imperio tram. The award for “Urban Rail Transport Development” has been awarded this year to the operator Metrorex S.A. for the projects on the extension of the underground network in the Romanian Capital (the launch of works for the future Line 5, the exploitation of the underground section 1 Mai – Parc Bazilescu, the acquisition of the new underground trains, but also the preparation of works for other sections of the underground network).
This year, the Faculty of Roads, Railways and Bridges of the Technical University of Civil Engineering in Bucharest celebrated 130 years since the set up of the education unit, this anniversary representing the opportune moment for the Faculty to be distinguished with the award for “Railway Tradition”. The next award of the Railway Galas was one of the most beautiful and why not, long-awaited, moments of the evening. It was the award in recognition of “Lifelong Activity” received, this year, by Prof. PhD Eng. Mihai Mihăiţă, currently President of the General Association of Romanian Engineers (AGIR). Famous for his contribution in the Romanian railway area for the different projects initiated, but also a deputy minister of the Romanian Ministry of Transport and Communications (1962-1967), Prof. Mihăiţă has witnessed and contributed to key moments in the modernisation of railway transport, such as the introduction of diesel traction, the beginning of electrification and electric traction or the launch of interlocking.
The end of the year has also brought the conclusion of important contracts for the initiation of works for the rehabilitation and implementation of the pilot project ETCS/ERTMS Level 2, section Chitila – Crivina, the investments made in the modernisation of Bucharest Underground, the set up of Bucharest Metropolitan Transport Authority, the “Strategy for Multimodal Transport in Romania 2020”, all these representing reason enough for the introduction of the “Special Award for Encouraging Railway Transport” , an award which acknowledged the efforts of Romanian Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Anca Boagiu.
The next edition of the Railway Galas expects to award as many projects as possible, both infreight and logistics, urban and regional rail transport, as well as railway infrastructure.