Romanian Ministry of Transport asked the EC to speed up the approval of two Corridor IV rail projects


Romanian Minister of Transport Alexandru Nazare has asked the European Commission to speed up the approval of the modernisation projects for lines Border-Curtici-Km 614 and Coşlariu-Simeria, part of Corridor IV. “I have asked the Commission to accelerate the procedure for the approval of the railway rehabilitation projects Border-Curtici-Km 614 and Coşlariu-Simeria at an estimated cost of EUR 944 Million, as they are the most advanced projects in the evaluation of the Commission”, declared Romanian Minister of Transport Alexandru Nazare during a reunion with DG Regio officials.
Also, the Romanian official said that both parties needed to involve in the process for the acceleration of absorption of European funds within the SOP-T, welcoming the promptitude of the European Commission in reimbursing payments of up to EUR 125 Million within the SOP-T in February 2012.
“The reimbursements of up to EUR 125 Million from February are the result of the last year and a half’s work and show the revival force of the infrastructure modernisation programme using European funds. 2012 will continue to be a difficult year since we are dealing with a year of project implementation when contracting is almost finalized. Within our relationship of fair partnership with the officials of the European Commission, both parties can contribute to the acceleration of this programme and that is why we have demanded the decision-makers of DG Regio to speed up the evaluation of major projects so that their approval will occur sooner and so that we would be able to reimburse payments as soon as possible. For the projects currently under the evaluation of the Commission, EU’s non-reimbursable contribution is of EUR 1.73 Billion. Once approved by the Commission, these projects will contribute to the relaunch of the Romanian economy”, said the minister.